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Prosthetic Services

Accion Rehab has a full service lab that has capacity to produce test sockets, flexible sockets, and high quality laminated sockets. We have access to all current technology for knees and feet that cover the full range of activity.

You are part of the team that gets you walking


There are many people that come together to provide a prosthesis to you, the patient. Doctor, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Case Manager, Prosthetist and you all make up the team for your return to walking or using an arm prosthesis.

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Hospital Consultation

Accion Rehab services all the hospitals in the Rio Grande Valley. We accept order from admitting doctors to provide orthotic and prosthetic services that allow a patient to stabilize and progress from ICU to Rehab to home care. Our clinical team usually provides service within 12 hours of initial consultation

Providing service to hospitals allows patients to stabilize earlier and progress to rehablitation faster.

We keep orthopedic braces in stock that are most used by local specialists. Usually we only need height and weight information to make the correct brace available. One of our clinicians will arrive to the patient's hospital bed and fit the brace to arm, leg or spine to ensure stabilization. We train staff on proper application and make ourselves available for follow up at any time.

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Orthotic Services

Custom leg braces and back braces have to be carefully made so that a patient can use the brace through the whole day without causing pain or skin problems. Our orthotists will provide the best fitting brace possible for what your doctor has prescribed to you

Orthopedic braces provide support, pain relief, and correction during growth

Braces provide support for broken bones, injured joints, and bones that grow out of balance in young children. The braces can also help relieve pain from arthritis, foot ulcers and spine problems. Custom shaped braces provide the best result.

Children Orthotics are vastly different than Adult orthotics and our staff excels in both children and adult orthotics.

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Bone Growth Stimulation


Stimulation for bone growth is done by increasing the power of a localized electrical field. When bone is broken the body sets up an electrical field around the area to help the bone pieces to mold back together. A bone growth stimulator magnifies that field to enhance the healing process.


Bone is living tissue that takes time to heal


Bone takes month to heal; sometimes up to a year Large bone wit load stress on it like a spine vertebra or a hip joint will take longer than a smaller bone to heal. Using a bone growth stimulator will help the healing process.

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