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The staff at Accion Rehab work together to give the best service to clients, doctors, therapists and paying providers. It just feels like giving attentive caring service is the most important thing to each of them at Accion Rehab.



  • 5 most important questions to ask when choosing a prosthetist
  • 5 most important questions to ask when choosing a orthotist
  • Here's why you need to keep your followup appointments.
  • Why pediatric care is different that adult care
  • How doctors choose bone stim candidates. 

A Different Kind of History

Accion Rehab is unlike any other prosthetic-orthotic company. We have evolved to meet the needs of the current community. We started as a company that provided knee rehab motion machine. Twelve years ago, McAllen doctors asked us to provide better quality knee braces and we did. Then the doctors asked us to provide other braces and....

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